ISRT Mission

The purpose of the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists is to advance the profession of medical imaging and radiation therapy, to maintain high standards of education in order to enhance the quality of patient care, and to advocate for the medical imaging and radiation therapy professions.


ISRT Vision

The Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists will be the state professional association to provide education and advocacy in order to improve the welfare and socioeconomics for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals.

Incoming Presidential Address
Presented at the 2023 Annual Conference


I am truly honored and privileged to be the President of the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists.  I want to thank all the radiographers around the state of Indiana and those beyond to recognize them for their hard work.  You all are a testament to the dedication and passion that each of you brings to the field of radiologic technology.  I also want to extend a warm welcome to all of you from the ISRT and express my gratitude for your unwavering commitment as advocates in our profession.

You all encapsulate the essence of what we stand for.  We are caregivers, advocates, and champions of health.  Our role extends far beyond the confines of the radiology suite; we are integral members of the healthcare team, contributing to patient outcomes, quality of care, education, service, and innovation.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do.  The constant evolution of medical imaging technologies challenges us to remain adaptable, embrace change, and continually enhance our skills and knowledge.  We must be at the forefront of these developments, striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.  We are the eyes of medicine.

Let us remember our commitment on the advancement of our profession, and our recognition.  I would also like to express my gratitude to our dedicated board ISRT members, educators, students, and volunteers.  I encourage you to share your knowledge, and network with your peers.  Let’s learn from one another, support one another, and inspire one another to continue our journey of growth and excellence.  I am immensely proud to lead the ISRT as your President, and I am inspired by the dedication and passion that radiologic technologists across Indiana and across the world exhibit every day.

Thank you,

Ryan Williams, MBA-HA, RT(R), 2023-2024 ISRT President


The Board of Directors is elected by the membership and is therefore responsible to and subject to the will of the membership. The board establishes policies and procedures for its own operation and recommends policies for the Society as a whole, which are subject to approval by the membership. The board has the authority to interpret the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and special rules. The purpose of the board is to approve, revise and implement policies and to conduct the business of the Society. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact the Nominating Committee Chairman.


Board meetings will primarily be conducted via Zoom web conferencing. If you are interested in attending an upcoming board meeting, please contact the ISRT Secretary for a meeting invite.


  • Upcoming Board of Director meeting dates:
    • January 20, 2024, 10:00AM EST via Zoom
    • April 13, 2024, 10:00AM EST via Zoom
    • June 15, 2024, 10:00AM EST via Zoom

    2023-2024 Chairman of the Board: Emily Scaggs -

Indiana Delegates to the ASRT House of Delegates

ISRT Director of Competitions: Rebecca Stout, MSRS, RT(R)(BD) -



Kate Richmond


Morgan Hinshaw, MA, RT(R)(T)

Member: Donna Long, Lynn Howley, Heather Schmuck




Ashley Marshall, MA, RT(R)

Members: Deb LeMay, Emily Scaggs, Ryan Williams


Steve Cohen, RT(R)



Megan Bybee, MSEd, RT(R)(M)

Member: Maryann Oake, Seth Clinkenbeard


Ed Frazier


Britany Bills, MSRS, RT(R)(CT)

Members: Emily Scaggs, Ryan Williams, Ashley Marshall


Lauren Query

1939-1940: Sophie Ebersole
1940-1941: Sophie Ebersole
1941-1942: Mary Waas
1942-1943: Mary Waas
1943-1944: Mary Knish Jancosek
1944-1945: Mary Knish Jancosek
1945-1946: Vivian Berfalk Ducy
1946-1947: Louise Lawrence Houser
1947-1948: Henry Konecny
1948-1949: Mary Waas
1949-1950: Beatrice Hurley
1950-1951: Beatrice Hurley
1951-1952: Edith Sharp
1952-1953: Mary Turon
1953-1954: Virgil Cunningham
1954-1955: E. Don Aplin
1955-1956: Joseph Fitzgerald
1956-1957: James Cravins
1957-1958: Betty Shackelford
1958-1959: Lee Cundiff
1959-1960: Robert Rankin
1960-1961: Wesley Fulton
1961-1962: Helen Lucas
1962-1963: Harold Shuster
1963-1964: Clark Filley
1964-1965: Leo Whaley
1965-1966: Walter Barry
1966-1967: Patricia Etter Ashmore
1967-1968: William Whitaker
1968-1969: Michael Moser
1969-1970: Richard Marks
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1971-1972: Sharon Fox Carr
1972-1973: Jeanette Herr
1973-1974: Vincent Wirtner, Jr.
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1975-1976: Ruth Rinehart
1976-1977: William May
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1978-1979: Ervin Miller
1979-1980: Barbara Kowalski Hanna
1980-1981: John Alford
1981-1982: Georgann Carpenter

1982-1983: Steven Cox
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1984-1985: Alice Tarullo Nale
1985-1986: Larry Stackhouse
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1987-1988: Donna Thaler Long
1988-1989: Pamela Tubbs
1989-1990: Carla Dabney-Mock
1990-1991: James Wirrell, Acting
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1992-1993: Bruce Long
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2003-2004: Kellie Cranfill
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2006-2007: Rose Evans
2007-2008: Kelly Hardin
2008-2009: Ashley (Smith) Perkins
2009-2010: Tracy Ferrara
2010-2011: Deborah LeMay
2011-2012: Steve Cohen
2012-2013: Patricia Cohen
2013-2014: Joy Cook
2014-2015: Heidi Sebastian
2015-2016: Steve Cohen
2016-2017: Heather Schmuck
2017-2018: Cindy Petree
2018-2019: Lynn Howley
2019-2020: Angela Hollingsworth
2020: Michelle Fritz, Acting
2020-2021: Makenzie Jones
2021-2022: Ashley Marshall
2022-2023: Emily Scaggs
2023-2034: Ryan Williams