ONE YEAR Student Internship with ISRT


The ISRT Board of Directors is excited to once again have student representation at ISRT Board meetings and looks forward to the perspective that the student community will bring to the society.

The ISRT Student Internship Program offers students the opportunity to work closely with ISRT Board members in order to learn more about the activities, functions, purpose and goals of our professional society. 


Gain knowledge, provide your perspective, develop as a leader and learn more about the profession!

Students interested in becoming an ISRT Student Intern must:

  • Be a current member of the ISRT
  • Attend the 5 ISRT Board of Directors meetings
  • Attend the ISRT Annual Conference including the Annual Business Session

A great resume builder, the one year term of the ISRT Student Internship begins at the first ISRT Board meeting (at the current year's Annual Conference) and concludes at the close of the following year's Annual Conference.

A student intern can extend their service a second term, if they choose, simply by submitting a letter of intent to the ISRT Board of Directors.




THREE YEAR Student Internship with ASRT

Program Highlights
The ASRT Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is a three-year program that offers students a chance to get to know the ASRT, attend educational sessions, and network with medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals.


All applicants must be members of the ASRT and an active ASRT affiliate (ISRT) at the time of application and throughout their three years in the program.


SLDP Application and Affiliate Involvement Plan
New participants accepted into the will begin participating January 1ST.
Participants will attend the 2024 Annual Governance and House of Delegates meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Application and Selection Process

Every student is required to complete the ASRT application process between August 1 and Nov. 10, 2023, to be eligible for participation.The affiliate must provide ASRT with the names of selected students and ensure the selected students complete the ASRT application process by the Nov. 10 deadline.
Final ASRT participant selections will begin December 1, participant notifications will begin December 15th.

ASRT Application Process (August 1–Nov. 10)
Submit ASRT application.
Submit essay, 500 – 700 words. (Why would you be a good participant for this program?)
Submit signed letter of recommendation from program director.
Submit copy of current affiliate membership card.





How many participants are accepted into the program?

Two participants and two alternates from each ASRT affiliate and two participants and two alternates from the Military are accepted. It is at the sole discretion of ASRT to accept or reject any submission. ASRT’s decisions as to the administration and methodology of the Student Leadership Development Program and the selection of its participants are final.

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

The program is open only to ASRT student members aged 18 and older who are enrolled in an accredited medical imaging or radiation therapy program at the time of application.

What do I need to submit to apply?

Applicants must submit an ASRT application, a letter of recommendation, and an original essay; affiliates also may have submission criteria. Original essays become the property of the ASRT and cannot be returned.

What happens to my information once it is submitted?
By submitting an application, applicants agree that they understand and will comply with the official rules and will consent to ASRT’s use of their name, voice, likeness and biographical information for advertising, trade and promotional purposes without additional consent, approval, consideration, compensation, permission or notification. In exchange for acceptance as a Student Leadership Development Program participant, recipients agree to assign to ASRT all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights in their essay.

Are any activities mandatory?
All activities that constitute the three-year program are mandatory, including attending the ASRT Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting during the first year of participation. These activities are listed in the Student Leadership Development Program Welcome Packet.

Does the ASRT pay for me to attend the Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting?
ASRT will pay for participants’ round-trip airfare based on ASRT travel guidelines, stay at a hotel selected by ASRT, meals provided as part of the program and a daily stipend at the current U.S. General Services Administration’s per diem rates. Travel arrangements must be made through ASRT’s travel agency no later than 30 days before to the event. If the participant lives in the area in which the Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting is being held or elects not to take advantage of the airfare provided, ASRT will not provide compensation or substitution in value. Eligibility is also dependent upon attendance of all required events and completion of the post-meeting survey.

Does ASRT reimburse Society membership fees?
Participants’ ASRT membership is paid for beginning one year from the expiration date of their current membership and each year throughout the program if they complete the assigned activities listed in the Welcome Packet. If participants prepaid for multiple-year membership, ASRT will reimburse them one time per year during program participation if they complete the assigned activities listed in the Welcome Packet.

Does ASRT reimburse affiliate membership (ISRT) fees?
Participants are reimbursed for one year at a time and only during each ASRT fiscal year during their Student Leadership Development Program participation. Participants must fill out a form and present it along with a receipt or their affiliate card to ASRT. See the Welcome Packet for details.

Can I still be in the program if I graduate from my medical imaging or radiation therapy program?
Accepted participants are allowed to remain in the program, even if they graduated and become credentialed.